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Reporting office

Do you have any knowledge or suspicion of malpractice or legal violations at Versandhaus Walz GmbH, baby-walz GmbH or TRI international Sourcing & Trading GmbH?
Please inform our internal reporting centre.

You can report misconduct by employees, but also by suppliers, business partners or service providers with regard to human rights violations, environmental hazards and other legal violations (e.g. cases of corruption, bribery, fraud, child labour, slavery, non-compliance with occupational health and safety measures, exploitation and discrimination, etc.).

As an affected person, employee, business partner, supplier or other third party worldwide, you have the opportunity to inform us about human rights risks and specific human rights violations in our business area or along our supply chain. The report can be made anonymously and does not entail any disadvantages for you. Only specially authorised persons of trust can read the information.

The rules of procedure in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act for our whistleblower system for further information can be found HERE

The following signalling channels are available to you:

  • Web form
    Please answer a few questions. The fields marked with * are required fields. The information can be checked at the end.

  • Telephone
    Mon. - Fri.: 09:00 - 17:00 (German time)
    From Germany: +49 800 3800 999
    From abroad: +49 69 99998839

Please describe the facts of the case as precisely as possible, naming the people involved and the time and place of the incident. If possible, send documents (pictures, e-mails) that support the suspicion.

Please only use this contact option to point out grievances and legal violations. For all other enquiries and complaints regarding our services, please contact our customer service.

The following link will take you to our reporting channel:

Alternativ bitte den QR-Code scannen:

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